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New, more favorable price per square meter from July 1, 2020

Turn-key price: 295.000,-HUF/sq m +Tax


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seasons can be built

years guarantee for the structure

Lower construction fees
Low maintenance fees
Lower construction fees
Low maintenance fees

seasons can be built

years guarantee

seasons can be built

years guarantee

Lower construction fees
Low maintenance fees

I'm interested, I'd like a call back

Why the light structural prefabricated house is
the right choice?


Affordable: The whole building process is about 5-10% cheaper compared to the building of a regular brick house.


AA++ energetical house can be built with this technology which decreases the monthly bills up to 50%.


The whole house can be easily adjusted to the extending needs of a growing family. 


The net area can be 5% bigger compared to a brick house due to its more efficient and thinner walls. 


The steel structure has no bad influence on your health and it has no chemical ingredients.


Instant move in, no drying time.


The structure can absorb more waves of an earthquake compared to a regular brick house. 


Increased fire and storm resistance.


The building process creates less construction waste compared to a regular brick house. 


The steel structure is made up of recyclable materials.


Technical data

Your dream home
can be ready in 3 months to move in
295.000,-HUF+tax/gross m2
Our price includes the following works and materials
Basing process

The concrete base is 80 cm deep, 30 cm wide strip base with 1 line of formwork stone, 15 cm of iron concrete layer in a general type of ground.

Public facilities

Our quotations are relevant for 1m distance connections from the public utilities from the building.

Frame structure

Steel frame structure built on an ferro-concrete base.

Roof structure and its drainage

Steel frame roof structure with standard tiling, boxed eaves and galvanized drainage system.


The steel frame is built upon the waterproof ferro-concrete which is covered by an OSB layer outside.
The insulation material is rockwool both in the side walls and on the ceiling with a layer of foil covering.
Gypsum plasterboard with foil and wall insulation. Water proof plasterboards and property plasterboards for required walls. Plasterboards are applied in 2 layers on the walls and 1 layer on the ceiling.
The insulation of the building contains 15 cm thick polystirol or 10 cm thick graphit polystirol layer.

Doors and windows

Windows have 3 layers of glass and at least 4 chambers in the structure. Front door with steel insert. Interior doors are also included.


Floors and cold warm coverings:
• Installation of 10-15 cm stepproof insulation, 5-6 cm screed concrete, leveling of substrate
• laying of laminate parquet (polyfoam, foil, parquet edging)
• placing tile or vinyl coverings.

Cold coverings on the kitchen floor, kitchen furniture wall, bathroom up to the door line, toilet floor, storage, hall floor. For wet rooms, use the latest technology, such as refined vinyl cover is recommended. Warm coverings on the floor of the living room, all corridors. Also vinyl cover is recommended, but laminate parquet can be ordered at identical prices.


Plastering inner walls and ceiling before pastel painting.

External wall surface

Colored Dryvit structure: 10-15 cm polystyrene application with gluing, anchoring, edge protectors, door and window finishes, coloring.


Construction of diluted concrete pavement around the house.

Water supply system

It contains the followings:

    • water pipeline construction,
    • water, sewerage system installation: main shut-off, bathroom shut-off, sink, toilet (Geberit, either in the back or top tank version),
    • shower or bath installation,
    • dishwasher with branch,
    • faucets for washbasins and sinks,
    • shower mixer with fixed and flexible shower,
    • bathroom sink with cupboard,
    • hot water supply: 100 litre electric water heater.

Heating system

The turnkey state includes the complete heating system.
Norvegian panel heaters costs from gross 700,000, -HUF / 100m2.

Electric system

Power installation:
basic wiring, distribution fuse board “FI” relay installation, sockets, switches, lighting installation, electric stove connection.
Low-power installation (including star point system, assembly):
TV connection points, modem connection point, intercom system, motion detection alarm system.
Switches and sockets:

  • each room has 1 pc. lighting switch and 1-1 per wall. socket,
  • kitchen: 5 pcs. socket, 1 light switch,
  • bathroom:2 pcs socket and 1 pc. lighting switch,
  • hallway: 1 pc. socket and and 1 pc. light switch.

Legrand or same quality, gross price of material about 400 HUF / pc.
Alarm system: motion detector per room, door detector on front door, outdoor siren from gross 60,000 HUF .
Internet and TV connection: 1 pc. modem and WIFI receiver with 220V power supply, 1 point per room with star wiring.

If required, we will also place orders for technical content other than the above –

after prior consultation and cost estimates.

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Company data:

Lakásalap Kft., 1027 Budapest, Lipthay u. 9.

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